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Jar-16 0.5ml Vapor Cartridges Blister Packaging Jar-15 12ml Vapor Cartridges Blister Packaging WXC-1 Wax Containers Assorted 1.4"x.8"

Small, discreet wax containers, assorted coloring  1.4"x.8"
WXC-23 Glass Wax Container Jar. 15mm x 30mm Jar-11 9ml Glass Wax Container Jar. 20mm x 45mm V-77 2.8" Glass Container Jar

WXC-21 Silicone Wax Container Jar with Character and Color. 17mm x 22mm WXC-22 Silicone Wax Container Jar with Character and Color. 18mm x 32mm MS-04 PLASTIC BULLET W/ TOP

WXC-12 Silicon Compact Container Bag-6 1.5" Metal Tin Can Container Peel. Comes with Clear Plastic Lid WXC-9 Dab Station

Silicon wax dab station.
WXC-10 Barrel Silicone Wax Container (Assorted) WXC-6 Lego Shaped Wax Container WXC-7 Portable Wax Station
Assorted barrel shaped, silicon wax containers. Assorted colors and designs. Lego block shaped, 7 containers, silicone. Smll tin container with interior silicon wax station, including two containers, two holes, and a dabber, camo colored.
SA-04 Doob Tubes (25ct) WXC-11 5.5" XLG Colorful Oil Barrel Silicon Container
Air tight, odor fee, and water proof tubes. 25 count display box. Extract lovers Silicon Jar.